This file photo from 2001 shows the south-sloping aspect of the vineyard, and gives a feel for the over all elevation gain, bottom to top, of over 300 feet. The Wahluke Branch Canal runs along the bottom of the property at an elevation of 940 feet. The elevation at the top of the vineyard is 1250 feet.

Lying just west of the “saddle” of the Saddle Mountains, Stone Tree is the highest elevation vineyard, with the most relief (elevation change over distance) compared to any other vineyard on the Wahluke Slope.

Detail on the relief of the site: The total elevation rise to the north is 300 feet over a distance of 4320 feet, which is an average slope of 7.0%. In fact the slope has three different grades. In the most southern blocks (Blocks 20-24) the slope is only a 60 foot rise over 1030 feet, for a slope of 5.8%. In the main part of the vineyard, the slope increases slightly to 160 over 2650 feet, or 6.0%. In the most northern blocks, the slope is 60 feet over 640 feet or 9.3%.

This 3D projection of the surface altitude of the vineyard has been exaggerated by a factor of five in order to reveal topographic features. It does not include Blocks 20 – 24 which have not yet been GPS surveyed.

It can be seen that the vineyard has the gradually increasing slope from south to north described above. In Blocks 5B and 9B there is a north-south ridge of approximately 35 feet in height. Otherwise the vineyard is reasonably flat with some mild undulations.