Vineyard Practices

Vine Nutrition at StoneTree is managed with a soil-based approach.  Since 2008, we have been adding virtually all nutrients in the form of composted dairy waste and composted yard waste.  Soil samples are taken annually to determine the compost application rate, and compost is applied in November through December.

Pruning typically begins in January if the weather is fit.  Since there was no significant bud damage from the arctic weather event of last November, we did not delay pruning this year.  Vines at StoneTree are pruned to minimal levels of fruitful buds.  We finished pruning this year on March 15.

Other annual chores include shoot thinning and moveable wire placement.  We finished shoot thinning  the week of June 13, and wire moves the following week, during bloom.

Crop level adjustment is done in three ways:  Pruning bud counts, shoot thinning, and green cluster thinning.  Cluster thinning decisions were based on lag weights taken the week of July 25.  Thinning began at that time and was wrapped up August the 20th.


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