We have simple mission statement. We at StoneTree Vineyard are going to grow the best wine grapes in the world.


Saddle Mountain Vineyards, LLC (SMV) was started by Tedd Wildman and Mark Wheeler in 2000 as a holding company for wholly owned vineyard properties. SMV is an LLC owned by a total of five partners, including Mark and Tedd.

StoneTree Vineyard

StoneTree Vineyard is built on a 257 acres leased on a 25 year lease from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

This image, taken in July of 2006, shows the view from the northeast corner of the vineyard at an elevation of about 1200 ft. You are standing on the south slope of Saddle Mountain, just west of the saddle, four miles east of the town of Mattawa. Looking down onto the plateau to the southwest, you can just make out the Columbia River six miles away. Several of the best vineyards on the Wahluke Slope lie on the lower elevations between the Columbia and Stone Tree Vineyard.



Tedd Wildman
Tedd is an Indiana farm boy who moved to Washington to pursue a Masters of Science in entomology at Washington State University in 1981. That brought him to Prosser and the WSU experiment station, where he met his bride to be, German native, Anke Freimuth. They now have three teenage children, James, Ben and Becky.

After working many years as a private consultant for tree fruit, hops and wine grape growers, Tedd and Mark Wheeler together began to develop StoneTree Vineyard in the year 2000.


Mark Wheeler
Mark Wheeler is a physician who started a medical software company in the early 80′s. That company went public in 1994 and merged with a larger medical software company in 1997 of which he is a member of the Board of Directors. He has numerous agricultural investments.

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